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Yukon Housing Corporation, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada are pleased to host the 2013 Northern Housing Conference: Housing Outside the Box.

Congratulations to Rhonda MacDonald who won our evaluation prize draw!

Rhonda won a Certified Energy Assessment for home or business!

Join us March 26th and 27th, 2013 in Whitehorse, Yukon for a two-day event that will provide decision makers, designers, developers, regulators, builders and housing proponents insights into innovative ‘outside of the box’ solutions for meeting the housing needs in Canada’s North.

Who Should Attend?

The Housing Outside the Box conference will benefit anyone who is involved in trying to satisfy housing needs, or providing housing or shelter-related services. Elected officials, government administrators of housing and family counseling services, financial administrators, NGO’s assisting households, designers, contractors, housing providers, developers, and interested individuals.

Why Attend?

The need for adequate and safe housing continues to be one of the single most important concerns facing northern communities. Time-honored solutions are failing to satisfy today’s need for safe, secure, attainable and affordable housing, especially for those most in need.

This conference will showcase innovative approaches to the provision of housing and housing services which have been successful in other locations. The presentations will include:



The intention is to inspire northern planners and decision makers and provide them with concrete successes on which to base “Made in the North” solutions.

Check out our last year’s conference:

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