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A newly built house can offer a fresh and inviting look, but character and charm are often missing. Brick veneers can help to turn a house into a home by adding texture and classic beauty with very little extra work. If you are planning on building a new home or remodeling an existing structure, never forget the mood factor.

Comfort with Kitchens

Custom-made cabinets, stainless steel appliances and tile back splashes are the key to interior beauty, but consider those cold mornings when family and friends gather for a cup of tea. The atmosphere of feeling welcome and discussing events is often silenced by the tone of the room. A dazzling modern kitchen can be intimidating to guests when it comes to feeling at home and open to group chatter. By incorporating a brick panel on one wall or lining a cooking area with a solid brick background, a charming atmosphere will be formed.

Bedrooms are for Relaxation

After a long hard day, relaxing in your bedroom can be very welcoming. Fireplaces are becoming popular in these rooms to add a touch of warmth. These additions are not used as much for heating as they are for adding comfort to four cold walls. Another suggestion is to use brick panels within the fireplace insert or to line a mantel with textured stone. This slight change can not only bring a touch of nature into your resting quarters, but can also add character to the room.

Inviting Outdoor Patios

More and more time is being spent outdoors. Extreme patio makeovers are all the rage with kitchens, flower gardens and fire pits. Making your home flow with this extension can seem like a difficult task. One simple way to blend everything together is by adding brick veneer siding to the exterior of the house and continuing around the patio area by siding a short wall. The natural tone will melt your house and the outdoor perimeter into one. Add stone walkways to further enhance the feeling.

Stone and brick veneer panels can add that missing element to an interior or an exterior of a home. Made from real stone, the look and feel cannot be distinguished from an expensive masonry job. Whether you are considering plans for a new home or refurbishing an existing house, look at the different options available with brick panels or siding. There is no better way to add character and charm than with classic brick.