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Sheet metals roofs are highly susceptible to deterioration and corrosion over time. The deterioration process is usually worse during the harsh weather conditions. In case you have a sheet metal roof that is weathered and rusty, restoring it can bring back its appearance and even add value to your home. Here are essential tips for sheet metal restoration.

Categorize the environment you live in

The first thing you have to consider is whether the metal roofing products you will use can stand the prevailing weather conditions in your locality. There many detrimental environment conditions that can harm the roof apart from the moisture. For instance, there are environmental chemicals and toxins that can cause havoc to the roof, especially when chemical reactions occur. You need to consider the potential environmental hazards and come up with effective restoration technique.

Consider the structural state of the roof

Consider the structural integrity of the roof before you begin the restoration project. In most cases, you will have to climb to the roof in order to get things done. You need to have the roof’s structural state examined by a professional to ensure safety for both workers and the occupants.

Stopping the leaks

Now that you’ve considered the environmental factors and structural integrity of the roof, you can begin the restoration process. Replace the damaged panels and fasten any loose part of the panel. You also need to seal any holes using a thick sealant or acrylic mastic. Make sure you adhere to manufacturer’s instructions while you use these products.

Preparing the surface

How you prepare the roof surface for restoration majorly depends on the current state of the metal roofs and the coating products you want to use. A severely damaged roof will require a lot of time to prepare. You will also have to consider several safety factors for such roofs. If the roof is rusty, you will have to apply a rust-inhibiting agent after you prepare the roof to prevent complications. Once you are through with preparing the roof, apply a protective coating.

Use the right products

You need to apply the right coating products during the restoration. Since there are many products in the market, it is possible you can get something that is of low quality. You need to get in touch with your local building department for authentic products. Some building departments also provide rebates for certain coating products. For example, you can get a rebate for white or reflective coatings since they act as cooling products. If you want your house to qualify for green building certification, you may go for water-based coatings.

It is possible to restore a sheet metal roof yourself as long as you have the knowledge and willpower to do it. However, it is highly recommendable to contact a roofing professional, especially if you have no experience in sheet metal roofing. More resources are available at Heather & Little Limited if you would like to learn more.