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As a homeowner, you want to make security a top priority. Having the right type of garage door lock can go a long way toward keeping unauthorized individuals out of your home or home office. Whether you want to go with T-handle locks or an electronic system, there are a variety of locking systems that work best for your needs or budget.

An Electric System Makes it Easy to Keep Your Garage Secure

If you want to keep your garage door shut and locked without a lot of effort or hassle, you should opt for an electric locking system. You can open or close it with the push of a button either from inside your home or from a mobile unit that you put in your car to take with you.

Garage Door Deadbolts Act Like Deadbolts for Any Other Door

If you are worried about anyone getting stealing your garage door opener or otherwise being able to overcome an electric system, deadbolts are the perfect backup plan. They cannot be unlocked without the use of a key, and they are difficult or impossible to overcome through sheer force alone.

Side-Mounted Bolts Offer Redundancy and Safety

A side-mounted bolt system is installed to the left or right side of your garage door. A pin or rod goes through the track and prevents the door from opening until the pin or rod is removed. You can also drill a hole into the platform the side mount that enables you to place a padlock on the door.

Keyless Digital Systems Give You the Best of Both Worlds

With a keyless digital system, you don’t need to worry about losing your electric opener or your keys. Instead, you simply have to remember a code that you enter each time you want to open the door. You may be able to give each person in your house their own code or change it up every so often to add additional security.

You Don’t Have to Install Them Yourself

You don’t need to install a garage door lock yourself. Instead, you should call a locksmith if you are at all unsure about what you are doing or are physically unable to perform the task. Most locksmiths will do the work for reasonable rates and will do the job right the first time.

A home is not secure if its garage can be infiltrated in a relatively easy manner. If the garage door is not laying flat, does not lock properly or can otherwise be opened at will, it is time for a new door and lock. Contact a locksmith today to learn more about how much it will cost and how long the job may take to complete. There is more information available at the Lock-Up Services Inc website.