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Metal Roofing

Save money with zinc sheet metal fabrication in a number of beautiful colours. These are durable zinc metal shingles, which won’t succumb to insects, rot or warping. Enjoy superior ornamental restoration of your beautiful building.

Zinc Properties

Zinc is the 23rd most abundant element on Earth and occurs naturally in air, water, and food. This raw bluish-white metal tends to be rather brittle, until it is heated and combined with other elements, such as titanium. Zinc releases hydrogen when in contact with oxygen, carbon dioxide or water.

Zinc is the metal that has been used to replace the more expensive copper in pennies. Zinc is used in the process for sheet metal fabrication, particularly iron. It is also a popular choice for electric batteries, roofing materials and gutters.

Classical Earth Pigments

Homeowners and building owners love the rich, earth-toned pigments that result from the natural oxidation of zinc metal shingles. Over time, the zinc will develop a matte patina for protection against the oxygen in the environment.

There are many color finishes available for the zinc metal shingles, including Natural, Quartz, Anthra and Pigmento. Your geographical location may determine which of these products is best for you. You also might contemplate whether you prefer a pre-fabricated, manufactured look or want to allow the zinc to pigment naturally. Brand new building construction may require different material than an old building going through ornamental restoration.

Natural zinc is meant to mirror the original raw look of the metal and is very popular in Europe. The Quartz style attempts to deliver the eventual colour that occurs over time due to oxidation. Anthra varieties deliver a dark black hue. You can get red, green, blue or brown zinc with the Pigmento option.

Zinc is Low Maintenance

Zinc roofing cost roughly $10-$20 per square footage. Another attractive feature of zinc is that it is relatively low-maintenance. You don’t need to paint it every year, like wood shingles. It won’t crack or rot. You don’t need to worry about termites. There is no scheduled maintenance required with your zinc shingles.

The zinc shingles are more durable than terra cotta or ceramic shingles. The zinc metal will naturally develop a patina for protection. Add interlocking shingles to create a beautiful, protective roofing structure that might last half a century. Choose from different thicknesses and widths for a variety of installation needs and non-compatiable support structures.

Save money with the more affordable, long-lasting option for roofing: zinc. Match the zinc metal shingle colour with your building structure. Restore your old building just like new or give your new building that classical weathered look. These high-quality roofing materials keep out the elements. Hear the “pitter-patter” of rain drops on your beautiful, shiny, new zinc roof.