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When you decide you want to install a home theater system in your home there are a lot of items you can decide to purchase at an electronic store, but you don’t want to try to do all the installation on your own. You don’t want to damage any of the items that you purchased, put your home at the risk of a fire, or cause problems with the electrical system. Here are a few things you want to talk with the electrician about getting installed.

A Drop Down Screen

A drop down theater screen is great if you want to feel like you’re really at the movies or watching a sporting event in a sports bar. The drop down feature also protects it from damage if you use that room for other purposes, or if you worry about kids or pets harming the screen when it isn’t in use. The electrician can let you know what size to get with the size of your room and how the projection will work.

Canned Overhead Lighting

Canned overhead lighting in the space is ideal because you are able to put the lights in the ceiling, and they aren’t dangling and getting in the way. You don’t have to worry about the lights blocking the view of the television, getting damaged by people throwing pillows or tossing items into the air, and it’s a modern feature that will improve the value of the space.

Surround Sound System

With the projection screen you need a surround sound system to help you feel like you’re getting an in the theater or in person experience. You may want this unit to go beyond just your theater room or basement, and to also go throughout the house and be linked to the home security system. Look at different options and let the electrician help you pick out the best surround system for acoustics in the space.

To get the ultimate experience in your basement you want to have high quality electronics that are going to enhance your viewing experience, and you want to make sure they are installed properly. Talk with an electrician to get an estimate for all of the appliances that you want, and talk about the features you want to have in the space. Then get a breakdown of the labor costs from the electrical contractors so you can accurately get an overall cost for the project.