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It is true that our homes speak to us in peculiar ways such as noises. Sometimes the noise could be coming from the ceiling, kitchen, doors and windows. In this post, I am going to take you through classic signs that your door or window could be telling you that it is too tired and requires replacement.

You usually feel a cold or hot breeze while in the house

In rare occasions, you will experience drafts of cold or hot air in the room. This can only occur when doors and windows are open during the day or at night. However, if you feel a cold breeze when the door and the windows are closed, it is a warning sign that they are drafty and need replacement. This is a classic sign of weather stripping, and the only permanent solution is a door or window replacement.

The doors and windows are too difficult to close

If you have to sweat to close a single window or door, you are in for a serious problem. Windows and doors should close and open with ease regardless of the time or weather. Apart from that, they should always stay open on their own. When a door or a window does not have the balance, they become potentially dangerous. When the balance no longer works, the window or the door might crush your hand or leg and cause serious injuries. The best way to deal with this is to get a new door or window immediately you notice such behavior.

The door or window is extensively damaged or decayed

When you door or window begins to show signs of severe damage or decay, you need to get a new one. Temporary remedies will only increase overall costs of maintenance. A damaged door or window will no longer protect your home as you desire. Get a new one made of durable materials that optimize your security needs.

Increased incidence of Mold and Mildew in the walls of the house

If your house has a problem with molds and mildew, it could be the faulty door or window causing it. Doors and windows that are leaky can make it difficult to manage the humidity in the house. The humidity problems are common sources of mold and mildews, especially in areas that are wet all year round.

Inflated Energy Bills

If you notice that the monthly energy bills are rising, it could be because the windows and the doors are not doing good insulation work in the house. You have to upgrade to more energy efficient options to lower the heating and cooling costs.

Doors and windows are the most important elements in a home. Once they start to malfunctions you are in for a huge problem. The warning signs discussed above will help you know when to get a new one.