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One of the hottest trends in the roofing industry today is the use of seamless gutters or a seamless eavestrough. This refers to the section of the gutter that sits directly beneath the roof line and the part of the system that catches any water falling off the home. You may think of traditional gutters that feature multiple pieces or parts that roofers cut to fit the length of your home, but seamless designs feature just one long gutter.

Parts of a Gutter System

The various parts of this system include the eavestrough. These are the longer pieces that wrap around your home. As water rolls off the roof, the moisture falls into this parts of the gutter. Your system should also feature multiple downspouts that usually sit on or near the corners of the roof. Some downspouts have an extended cap that extends the length of the downspouts. These pieces do a good job of carrying water away from your home and keeping that moisture from damaging your siding, foundation or walls.

Seamless Designs

With a seamless design, roofing contractors must carefully measure the size of your roof. Factories use extruding machines that allow the metal or vinyl to come out in long sheets. The contractors will work with those factories to create a gutter system the exact length and size of your roof. When they install the system on your home, you’ll notice that the eavestrough consists of one long piece instead of multiple pieces. These ensures that your gutter system will not develop the cracks found in other systems and makes it easier for contractors to do roof repair jobs on your home.

Cost of Seamless Gutters

The cost of seamless gutters used in roofing jobs is more expensive than traditional gutters. With traditional gutters, the roofing contractors can mix and match pieces and use components from previous jobs to cover your home. With a seamless system, they will need to custom make the parts needed for your roof. Contractors base the price on the overall linear square footage of your home, but you’ll also need to pay the labor cost associated with installing the gutters. The total cost of installation with labor starts at around $100 per linear foot, but the price can rise to $150 to $200 per linear foot.

Adding a seamless gutter system is a great way to increase the value of your home and make your roof more functional too. While the system may cost more upfront than a more traditional system does, many find that the cost of roofing repairs in the future is less and that seamless eavestrough parts last longer too.